NEARSHORING: LATAM as the Main Destination for the Best Tech Talent

As we navigate an ever-changing and digitally evolving world, LATAM solidifies itself as an increasingly prominent and trusted nearshoring destination. Its unique combination of specialized talent, geographic proximity to North America, Western Europe and affordable costs consolidates it as one of the main hubs for companies looking for the best tech talent.
Read more about nearshoring and how global companies are benefiting from Latin American tech talent.

The Power of the Independent Workforce

The rise of the independent workforce is redefining traditional job market paradigms, setting new records in terms of participation and influence. This phenomenon is rooted in several interconnected factors that are driving its rapid expansion.
Read the article and understand how this could impact on you and your job, soon.

The 4 Forces Shaping the Future of Work

Do you know the forces that are fundamentally redefining the way we understand and practice work? There are 4 main forces that will define much of what our work will be like in the future.

Shared Market Economy: transforming the corporate world

The Shared Marketplace Economy has been transforming the approach companies use for resource management, collaboration, and innovation.
Do you know the concepts behind this paradigm shift and the positive impacts it generates on companies, society, and the environment?
In this article, we share the long-term vision we at beecrowd have about this topic.

Talent Cloud: A mindset shift in Talent Management

Talent Cloud: have you become familiar with this concept? Our CEO Joao Lucio comments on the vision that we at beecrowd have regarding this and the impact it will generate on the teams of the future.

The New Tech Recruiting

The New Tech Recruiting and the Extinction of Resumes. In this article we share our vision on recruitment automation and the reduction of unconscious biases.

Will AI Replace Software Developers?

Are you on the path to being replaced by AI, or are you investing in “AI-proof” skills? In this article, we share beecrowd’s perspective on the impact of AI on the work of software developers.

Remote Work in the Technology Sector

Remote x Onsite? Factors that have been influencing the expansion of remote work in the technology area. Are you currently in the onsite, remote, or hybrid model?

Flexible Economy and the Future of Work

In the constantly evolving business landscape, flexible economy and fractional work emerge as essential pillars of the modern workforce. As companies seek to adapt to changing market demands and professionals seek greater autonomy in their careers, collaboration between the two is becoming an important trend. This synergy between flexible economy and fractional work is reshaping […]

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