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We grow in community

We have created a global platform that brings together people passionate about technology. We are the largest Latin American community of developers and one of the largest in the world


Leaders who are creating the Future of Work

We were born in the IT services sector. We live and breathe technology. High quality services run through our veins and are part of our DNA. We have a unique combination of complementary skills that potentialize outcomes

João Lúcio de Azevedo Filho

Chief Executive and Commercial Officer

João Lúcio is responsible for planning and implementing the organization’s strategic direction. He has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and has worked in the IT and management consultancy field for over 25 years. He worked at Accenture and Cognizant, his last role being President of Cognizant’s Brazilian branch and market leader LATAM.
Celso Ricardo Barboza

Chief Technology Officer

Celso is responsible for beecrowd’s technology strategy. He leads our development team, product team, and our technology partners. With over 20 years of experience in IT services at companies such as Cognizant and Capgemini, he has managed teams with hundreds of developers and quality assurance engineers working remotely.
Juliana Müller G. dos Santos

Chief Corporate and Legal Officer

Juliana takes care of our corporate, legal and compliance activities. With 20+ years of experience in legal departments and in process improvement in companies such as Accenture, Cognizant and GE, she has strong knowledge in commercial contracts with clients, suppliers and a deep understanding of labor legislation in Latin America.
Neilor Avelino Tonin

Chief Academic Officer

Neilor owns the curation process for beecrowd’s academic features. He is also a professor responsible for the area of Computer Science at a large Brazilian university, an active member of the committee responsible for organizing the Marathon and the Brazilian Computer Olympiad and a specialist in competitive programming.
Jean Luca Bez

Chief Architect Officer

Jean is responsible for solution architecture, development of new functionalities and integration of beecrowd’s state-of-the-art platform with new solutions and partners. Jean has a Ph.D. in Computer Science in Parallel and Distributed Processing as well as a master’s degree in computing in the same area.


Investors, advisors and independent consultants who share our vision

We are supported by brilliant and visionary minds from the world of business, technology and academia who are pioneering disruptive working models in their sectors

Sean Middleton v2
Sean Middleton

Board Member

Sean Middleton is a distinguished C-Level executive, former President of Cognizant Accelerator and Chief Revenue Officer of Toptal. He spearheads business and technology transformations, scaling new ventures, and leading global digital strategies. His approach combines startup agility with strategic acumen, driving revenue growth and innovation across international markets
Carla Catelan v2
Carla Catelan

Independent Advisor - Talent Acquisition

Carla Catelan is the Talent Acquisition Director for the Americas at ThoughtWorks, a US-based global software consultancy. With 20+ years of experience in HR, she has a broad background in various areas, including Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion, and Business Partnering. She is specialized in large-scale and niche skill recruitment.
Human-Centric Company

Our Beliefs and Culture

Our principles are rock solid

People thrive in community. It has been that way since the earliest records of Earth’s history. In the age of digital technology, we believe collaboration and commitment to a sustainable future should be our north star


Expand the offering of education and job opportunities for people worldwide


Transforming people's reality through technology


We celebrate and encourage diversity in all its forms


Bringing professionals and companies together with a unique and satisfying experience for both sides


beecrowd community has a worldwide reach

We bring people together because of their interest in technology! The Talent of the Future is being developed on our learning platform

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The impact generated by our community

beecrowd is one of the fastest growing communities of developers in the world

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