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3 min reading
As we navigate an ever-changing and digitally evolving world, LATAM solidifies itself as an increasingly prominent and trusted nearshoring destination....
The Strength of the Independent WF - Thumb blog
4 min reading
The rise of the independent workforce is redefining traditional job market paradigms, setting new records in terms of participation and...
The 4 Forces Shaping the Future of Work - Thumb blog
5 min reading
Do you know the forces that are fundamentally redefining the way we understand and practice work? There are 4 main...
Shared Marketplace Economy - Thumb blog
2 min reading
The Shared Marketplace Economy has been transforming the approach companies use for resource management, collaboration, and innovation. Do you know...
Talent Cloud - Thumb blog
3 min reading
Talent Cloud: have you become familiar with this concept? Our CEO Joao Lucio comments on the vision that we at...
The New Tech Recruiting - Thumb blog
3 min reading
The New Tech Recruiting and the Extinction of Resumes. In this article we share our vision on recruitment automation and...
Will AI replace software developers - Thumb blog
Are you on the path to being replaced by AI, or are you investing in "AI-proof" skills? In this article,...
On premises X Remote - Thumb blog
3 min reading
Remote x Onsite? Factors that have been influencing the expansion of remote work in the technology area. Are you currently...

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