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beecrowd was the first online judge I met. What started as a tool to carry out university activities, became my first base of studies for programming competitions, allowing me to reach an international competition and make a good networking to start my professional career.
Felipe Mota
I have been using beecrowd for years, and it was crucial during the pandemic, providing means for carrying out remote practices for a large number of simultaneous students. We use the platform in engineering courses at the Federal University of ABC.
Mario Alexandre Gazziro
Universidade Federal do ABC
I like beecrowd Academic because I can create classes, engage students, define exercises, and see their progress in just one screen. It is amazing!
Adorilson Bezerra
Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
The use of the beecrowd platform has been an extremely rewarding experience with a positive impact, both in the evolution and training of the members of our teams, as well as in the personal growth of each individual member, and also expanding the benefits of making the platform the standard for evaluating the developers who want to join our team.
Vinicius Roque
Simbiose Ventures
My first experience with beecrowd was in 2020 while doing programming exercises to improve my grade at FATEC-SJC college. Practicing every day, after 2 years, I got ranked 1st place in the platform's ranking and today I work as a Software Engineer at isaac, a company where the CTO met me through beecrowd. It was worth the effort to solve each exercise over the last few years.
Wesley Dias
beecrowd enriches the learning journey of technology courses, combining theory with practice through a wide range of activities. Our professors create activities aligned with the content of the classes. The gamification and interaction with the student community make the process even more engaging and effective.
Marcos Andrei Ota
Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional
Preparing and correcting assignments each semester was a burden for those responsible for assessments: it resulted in delays in student feedback. With the beecrowd platform, you simply select problems from the already available, tested and well categorized problem repository. The problem repository helps students go beyond their assignments by strengthening their programming concepts. The immediate feedback helps students improve their debugging skills and is something that gives young programmers a glimpse into the exciting world of competitive programming!!
Waseem Ahmed
King Abdulaziz University
Collaborations starting with a productive brainstorming are always the best. But beecrowd also delivered on the promise of organizing an awesome online programming competition for SAP
Karoly Lajko
SAP Europe, Middle East and Africa
I discovered the beecrowd platform during my undergraduate studies on algorithms, in early 2016. With it I was challenged to learn new content, in addition to the normal curriculum, which helped me to develop logical thinking and prepare myself for programming marathons and for the labor market.
Gustavo Policarpo
beecrowd has been an essential tool for us to evaluate the evolution of our students' learning and to validate the content that has been worked on in our training programs.
Celso Oliveira Filho
Imã Learning Place
I appreciate the opportunity to make this excellent tool available to myself and my students, which allows students to gradually develop their programming skills and allows me as a professor to monitor their progress. It is an excellent resource for students and professors.
Guillermo Fierro Mendoza
Instituto Tecnológico Nacional de México en Celaya
We had a great experience working with beecrowd, not only what concerns the competitive programming platform itself, but also the value added in Marketing, Analytics and a lot of very useful advice that we got from them. Definitely a successful experience that we will redo next year!
Agustín Arias
Argeniss Software
My first contact with beecrowd was in 2014 when I started training for programming competitions. It was by practicing at the platform that I developed the desire to learn more about algorithms. This curiosity made me choose to take a master's degree in graph theory and computational complexity. In addition to that, by practicing at beecrowd I also prepared myself to do interviews at the big techs.
Diego Rangel
The beecrowd platform is an excellent tool for teaching and learning algorithms and programming, especially for people who intend to participate in competitions such as the Programming Marathon. I use beecrowd in many courses I teach at the university, and it's a great way to motivate students to learn more about a wide variety of computing topics
Eduardo Theodoro
Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso
I have been using beecrowd in my programming subjects for over 2 years. It's a total success! In addition to making an introduction with the student to the area of competitive programming, students already get used to the input and output pattern. Super recommended!
Rafael Lima de Carvalho
Universidade Federal do Tocantins
Organizing a programming competition is a challenging task even for a software company. Thus, we were happy to partner with beecrowd who took over the end-to-end organization of the entire event quickly with minimal effort on our side!
Balazs Niers
COO – SAP Labs Hungria
beecrowd platform is a great tool for those who want to learn programming or practice competitive programming. Anyone from beginners to experienced programmers can benefit. There is a huge repository of information and a lot to learn from there that can help those who want to advance their career in software programming.
Md. Mehedi Hassan
Noman Group of Industries
I have been using the beecrowd Academic tool quite often here at IF Goiano - Campus Rio Verde, both with basic programming students and with experienced marathoners. The results are always excellent, as the problem base is extensive and provides us with good exercise options for every situation.
André da Cunha Ribeiro
Instituto Federal Goiano
We use beecrowd as one of the main exercise and assessment tools at Impacta College, present in almost all courses related to Information Technology. In numbers, there are more than 2300 students registered, 50 classes created and dozens of positions conquered in the general ranking of institutions that joined the platform.
Lucio Nunes de Lira
Faculdade Impacta Tecnologia
We have been using the beecrowd Academic platform as a way to guide the entire teaching process of software development, as well as to measure the effectiveness of teaching and the evolution of people. The results are incredible and the receptivity of the collaborators is very high.
Gabriel Menegatti
Simbiose Ventures
My first contact with beecrowd was in 2019. After understanding the platform's scoring system, where each challenge solved is scored by programming language, I solved approximately 450 challenges in more than 12 languages each and managed to reach 1st place in the ranking. I like to program and learn new languages and I found this score by programming language very interesting.
Mozar Baptista da Silva
We have been using beecrowd in the Introduction to Python Programming courses at the Informatics Institute at UFRGS. The experience has been very positive. The tool helps professors formulate assignments more accurately and provides immediate feedback to students. In this way, the student knows if they are doing something wrong and have the opportunity to ask questions on the spot, without having to wait for the professors' manual correction.
Juliano Araujo Wickboldt
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
The tool was essential for the discipline in a remote classroom system. I had already used it in a face-to-face system and, on both occasions, the students' learning and growth process had a great impact. It is visible the improvement of students who perform the activities versus those who do not.
Cristiane Aparecida Lana
Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
I have been using beecrowd platform since 2017, for my personal learning of programming languages, structures and algorithms. As a teaching tool, the platform is very effective in motivating students to program, learning algorithms and data structures, always focusing on good code performance.
Ricardo Vargas Dorneles
Universidade de Caxias do Sul
I've been using beecrowd (since the former URI Online Judge) for almost 10 years now. I am currently a professor at UNILA (Foz do Iguaçu/BR) and I use beecrowd Academic tool in all my programming classes. It's amazing how easily students learn key programming concepts through practice.
Marcelo Cezar Pinto
Universidade Federal da Integração Latino-Americana
I use the beecrowd Academic tool at UNESP in the introductory course on algorithms. The students can deal with specific problems and find ways to propose computational solutions to them. In addition, such an approach is beneficial in illustrating the importance of testing tasks in software development.
Danilo Medeiros Eler
Universidade Estadual Paulista
I use beecrowd Academic in Database classes in the Bachelor of Information Systems course. The tool is very useful and allows students to apply the knowledge acquired during the class in a playful way. Gamification favors the use of the tool in addition to allowing users to have access to other situations such as championships that happen frequently. Finally, beecrowd is a platform that favors the preparation of academics for the job market.
Cleiane Gonçalves Oliveira
Instituto Federal do Norte de Minas Gerais
I have been using beecrowd for a long time in the programming disciplines of technical courses and college. The exercises are available in very good quantity for each topic of content, which makes it possible to select lists of exercises at different levels according to the class.
Tiago Gonçalves Botelho
Instituto Federal do Sul de Minas Gerais
The beecrowd platform adds value to both the professor and the student. There is significant potential to accelerate learning and follow-up. In addition, I observe the possibility of adding new functionalities covering additional stages of the computing teaching cycle. It is important to strengthen the environment for this tool, as technological knowledge is and will be even more critical for the development of any nation.
Jorge Habib Hanna El Khouri
Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná
I have been using beecrowd since 2019 with excellent results in programming classes in general. A tool like this is very useful and practical. I have organized competitions with the platform as well, with great success.
Eugênio Akihiro Nassu
Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas
beecrowd has been an excellent learning tool for my students. Basic subjects have more credibility with self-correction, I recommend it to all professors.
Jones Mendonça de Souza
Instituto Federal de São Paulo
I have been using the tool in an introductory object-oriented programming (C++) course. I really like the possibility of identifying the level of difficulty and the concepts involved in each question.
Selan Rodrigues dos Santos
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
I use beecrowd for my first semester students to train logic outside of class. I was able to monitor the students' efforts during the semester. The tool allows students, in addition to solving the activities sent by the professor, to solve other challenges. For the professor, the tool facilitates the correction and preparation of learning reports.
Raissa Arruda de Araújo
Faculdade Guanambi
beecrowd has been an essential tool for us to evaluate the evolution of our students' learning and to validate the content that has been worked on in our training programs. The tool is simple, intuitive and very functional, as it works with practical exercises that make the students much more aware of the challenges they will face in the job market.
Fabricio Leonard Leopoldino
Imã Learning Place
I use at Senac College as a method of integration between students, with a programming championships. I also, use for knowledge reinforcement.
Gustavo Siqueira Vinhal
Faculdade SENAC
beecrowd Academic is a fantastic tool to support programming teaching. In addition to the disciplines, we also use it to carry out local programming challenges. In the disciplines, I usually use the resource to promote internal "mini marathons" during classes. With the new resources that allow the proposition of custom problems, the potential of the tool was expanded and the possibilities of use as well.
Amaury Antônio de Castro Junior
Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul
I frequently use beecrowd challenges to help my students learn programming. The problems are well elaborated and contextualized. The fact that the platform requires well-defined rules for the solution to be accepted as correct is also a positive factor. The platform also facilitates student engagement in programming. Several of them continue to solve problems voluntarily even after the course is finished.
João Almeida
Instituto Federal de Sergipe

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The Institute for Research in Technology and Innovation (IPTI) is headquartered in Santa Luzia do Itanhy – SE, one of the municipalities with the lowest Human Development Index (HDI) in Brazil. IPTI’s CLOC project promotes creative and digital entrepreneurship in the area of Information Technology in extremely poor communities far from large centers and has already benefited more than 900 students with training in programming and robotics. The project has at its disposal the beecrowd platform for teaching logic and programming to students.



BVRIT HYDERABAD College of Engineering for Women is not just another engineering college in Hyderabad, India. It was established in the year of 2012 with the clear vision and mission to empower women to aspire for a better career in their life. The school now takes advantage of beecrowd Academic platform for teaching software programming to the students. When the whole society is focusing on diversity in every field then BVRITH is like a stone on the pillar to motivate and groom those aspiring women who want to make a mark in the society.


Niñas PRO

Niñas Pro is a Chilean entity that trains girls and adolescents through the teaching of programming and inspires scientific and technological vocations, helping to break gender stereotypes related to the areas of science, engineering, physics and mathematics.
The objective is to demonstrate to girls and teenagers that they can learn to program and that it can be a lot of fun, as well as motivating them to continue learning after this first experience.


Brazilians in Tech (BiT)

Through the partnership with BiT, we make the use of the beecrowd platform available free of charge so that more women can train algorithms and programming challenges, improving their development skills, quality and productivity, in addition to facilitating the search for job opportunities. One of our goals is to have more women developing theirselves in the field of information technology.

grace v2


GRACE is a group whose main objective is to develop extension activities in the area of technology aimed at the female public in the city of São Carlos and, in particular, students at primary, secondary and higher levels.

GRACE is part of the SBC’s Digital Girls National Program, which encourages institutions through projects to attract elementary and high school girls to take computer courses.

We contribute to the UN “Sustainable Development Goals”, which aim to end poverty, protect the environment and climate, and ensure that people everywhere can enjoy peace and prosperity. You can find out more on the UN portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is beecrowd a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)?
No. We are a revenue and profit-seeking company. However, we are aware of the social impact our learning platform has. We receive constant feedback from users around the world about how the beecrowd platform has changed their lives for the better, whether through learning technology or helping them to find professional opportunities.
What types of partnerships can I expect from beecrowd when it comes to social responsibility?
Our academic platform is powerful and can help change lives. We make a point of offering the platform for free to non-profit organizations that, even though they are not educational institutions, are committed to increasing diversity and reducing inequalities in the field of technology.
What benefits will the people impacted by your organization have when using the beecrowd platform?
Several! They will gain access to a logic and programming learning platform that is state-of-the-art, with access to code challenges in +25 different programming languages and the ability to participate in tournaments, competitions, and win prizes. Additionally, they can use the platform to obtain internships or jobs.
In which countries does beecrowd promote partnerships related to social responsibility?
We are a 100% remote company and have no barriers. Our partnerships can be formed in any country in the world. To access our platform, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Once your organization’s objectives are aligned with our beliefs, we are open to discussing partnership opportunities.


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