Apache Mesos

(6 minutes of reading) Mesos is a revolutionary cluster resource manager that simplifies the complexity of your data center! With Mesos, it is possible to consolidate multiple applications on a single platform, optimizing usage and scalability. Whether for big data, containers, or even traditional services, Mesos is the key to an efficient and agile infrastructure. Are you interested in the subject? Come read this article!

Apache Mesos

(6 minutes of reading)

In the world of infrastructure development and management, Apache Mesos has been a prominent name. Developed at the University of California, Berkeley, Mesos is a cluster manager that provides efficient resource abstractions to ensure scalability and ease of running large-scale applications. This text aims to give a complete overview of Mesos, detailing its features, benefits and how to start working with this tool.

But before we go into details about Mesos, do you know what a cluster is?

In programming, a cluster is a set of interconnected servers, which act as if they were a single system and work together to perform tasks in a more efficient and scalable way. These computing systems have high availability, load balancing and parallel processing.


Mesos is, in essence, a programming layer between the operating system and the applications running on the cluster. Its main function is to aggregate resources from individual machines and offer these resources to frameworks, which are the applications that run on top of Mesos.


Mesos architecture is divided into two main components:

A) Master Daemon: Responsible for managing the cluster's resource allocation.

B) Agent Daemon: Runs on each cluster node and ensures that resources are isolated and available for tasks.

The frameworks interact with Mesos through two components. Are they:

A) Scheduler: Communicates with the Master to be notified about available resources and decide where tasks should be executed.

B) Executor: Runs on Agent machines and executes the framework tasks.


The main benefits of using Mesos are:

A) Efficiency: Mesos is known for optimizing resource utilization through a “supply and demand” approach. The Master offers resources to frameworks, which they can accept or reject, thus ensuring that resources are used efficiently.

B) Scalability: Designed to support tens of thousands of nodes, Mesos can meet the demands of large data centers.

C) Flexibility: In addition to supporting a wide variety of frameworks such as Marathon, Chronos and Apache Spark, Mesos can also be integrated with storage systems such as HDFS and container management systems such as Docker.


For developers looking to get started with Mesos, here are the first steps:

A- Installation: Apache Mesos can be installed on different operating systems, including Linux and MacOS. The official documentation provides detailed installation instructions.

B- Configuration: Once installed, you will need to configure Master and Agents, ensuring that they are communicating correctly. Also consider security and network settings.

C- Integration with Frameworks: With Mesos working, it's time to integrate with the frameworks of your choice. If you're looking for a starting point, Marathon is a great option for managing containerized applications.


Apache Mesos represents a revolution in the way we manage and scale applications in clusters. It offers a robust and scalable solution that integrates well with various modern tools and frameworks.

For developers, Mesos not only optimizes resource utilization, but also simplifies the process of deploying, monitoring, and managing large-scale applications. By investing the time to understand and work with Mesos, you will equip yourself with a powerful tool that can transform your approach to development and operations.

Apache Mesos community is active and welcoming. Many resources, tutorials, and case studies are available, which makes the learning and implementation journey easier. As with any tool, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest updates and best practices to ensure you make the most of the benefits offered by Mesos.

In summary, Apache Mesos is a solid choice for any developer or organization looking for optimization, scalability, and flexibility in cluster environments. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time to dive into the world of Mesos and explore all the possibilities it offers.
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