(7 minutes of reading time) Firebase is a platform developed by Google for building mobile and web apps. Want to know more about it? Come and read our text today!


(7 minutes of reading time)

Did you know that half of the world's population currently owns a smartphone? According to a 2021 report by Strategy Analytics, a consulting firm, around 3.95 billion people carry a cell phone.

But what does this have to do with Firebase? Everything! That's because the increased use of smartphones heats up the mobile development market even more and, consequently, Firebase.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the topic. So, keep following the content and learn more!


Firebase is a platform from Google that includes many tools to help web and mobile developers build high-quality, high-performance apps.

The use of the platform can be done through the main platforms such as iOS, Android or on the web. Its objective is to enhance the performance of applications, through the implementation of functionalities that, in addition to optimizing these applications, will make them safer and easier for users to access.

It means, it was designed to integrate with web and mobile applications with SDKs available in a huge variety of languages. The platform features four service segments:

- Analytics;
- Develop;
- Grow;
- Earn.


In short, Firebase provides developers with a variety of tools and services that allow them to build quality apps, grow their user base, and be more profitable.

Its database is built entirely on Google's infrastructure, categorized as a NoSQL database in which data is stored in JSON-type documents.

In addition, it is comprised of a set of development tools such as Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore that can store structured data in documents and synchronize corresponding applications in milliseconds whenever there is a data transformation.

With Firebase you can:

- Have security in communication and data transfer;
- Access different types of devices;
- Authenticate your application;
- Solve problems involving UI/UX.


As mentioned earlier, Firebase is a platform that has the following services: Analytics, Develop, Grow and Earn. Next, we will talk about each of them. Follow:


Considered the heart of Firebase, Firebase Analytics is a free and unlimited solution. Its objective is to generate application metrics and measure user behavior.


To provide high quality tools and save time, this platform contains many resources for developers. Being:


Allows sending and receiving messages on platforms such as iOS, Android, and web.


This authentication feature is essential for applications where it is necessary to know the user's identity and maintain control over access. Additionally, with Google Firebase Authentication, you can use identity providers for authentication, such as Google or Facebook.


For fast and reliable performance, data is stored as JSON and synced in real-time with all connected clients.


Useful for storing files such as images, videos, and audio as well as other user generated content.


Firebase offers a service to host your website's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as other developer-provided resources such as graphics and fonts.

Firebase Hosting also offers SSL certificates for the best security of your websites. And it's the perfect choice for web apps and mobile devices.


Stores add data, so apps are dynamically updated - for example when you make a change to the app. You can also specify features that boost the customer experience without downloading an app update.


Firebase Test Lab provides all the cloud infrastructure you need to test your Android apps, even if you haven't written your own test code for the app.

It also can automatically run bug tests on your application, allowing developers to spend less time testing and more time working on their products. All results are available in the Firebase console.


This feature is capable of tracking bug reports for Android and iOS apps. Errors are grouped into sets and organized according to the severity of impact to users. So far, its initial beta has been successfully received by the developers.


In addition to several resources to assist in the development of applications, Firebase also provides resources aimed at engaging and winning users to the application. Below, we list the main ones:


Through this feature it is possible to manage notification campaigns for the application and when integrated with Firebase Analytics it is possible to deliver messages to specific users.


Through the feature it is possible to increase the visibility of the application in Google searches and Now on Tap on Android devices.

In addition, it allows the user, when searching for related content, to launch the application directly from the search results, if the app is installed on the device. Otherwise, it offers the option to install.


It is a solution designed for application referrals and sharing. It allows users to share information via email or SMS, which makes it easy to share the content with any app users they may know, while also being able to refer someone in the process.


Feature linked to Firebase Analytics that allows targeted ads to be displayed to specific users.


To help your app monetize by displaying ads, you can use the AdMob feature.

With in-app advertising, you can monetize without harming the user experience. Ads are targeted and monetized based on user data in your apps.


Next, we list the programming languages supported in Firebase. Check it out:

- C++;
- Java;
- Javascript;
- Node.js;
- Objective-C
- Swift

Additionally, Angular, Backbone, and React frameworks are supported by binding names directly to the database. Also added libraries: FirebaseUI, Geofire, Firebase Queue, FirebaseJobDispatcher.

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