Game Developer

(7 minutes of reading time) We all know that the technology area is growing a lot every year and is increasingly offering different career possibilities. Today we want to talk about one of the most promising and targeted IT areas: GAMES, more specifically Game Developer

Game Developer

(7 minutes of reading time)

Technology is one of the fastest growing areas of work in the world. In addition to this growth, the area offers many career possibilities. And today, we want to talk about one of the most promising and targeted IT areas today: GAMES, more specifically game developers.

The gaming market is one of the biggest entertainment industries today, and it promises to grow even more in the coming years.

Market numbers leave no doubt that there will be no shortage of opportunities for those who want to embark on this universe. Therefore, if working on developing games is something that makes your eyes shine, it's time to learn more about the profession of the moment.

In today's post, we'll talk about this promising area that makes many programmers' eyes shine. Let’s take a look!


As the name implies, the game developer is a professional specialized in developing games. He/she is the one who masters the programming languages necessary to produce games with an interactive experience, that is, he/she is the one who writes all the codes that make a game work correctly.

In this way, he/she defines how the characters' attitudes will be and reviews and tests to resolve any bugs that may arise during production.


Before we continue talking about game developers, let's highlight the differences between a game developer and a game designer, who, despite working very closely with each other, have very different responsibilities in this universe of game production.

The game developer is responsible for writing the code that makes a game work.

The Game Designer is the one who takes care of the creative part of this whole process. He/she is the one who helps define all the details that will be part of the game, including not only the aesthetic part, but also the behavior of the characters and the rules. By doing this, the Game Designer provides the necessary guidelines for developers to carry out their work. This professional is responsible for organizing the ideas and rules of the game, and putting them together with the mechanics, history, setting, etc. Basically, it's who builds the game project.

In a nutshell, game designers are the creative minds behind the entire process, the ones who visualize it from start to finish, while game developers are the wizards who make it happen, spending hours making sure that the coding is correct.

Game Designers and game developers work closely together from game conception to completion. On some occasions, there may even be an overlap in the roles.


After understanding what a game developer does, you must be wondering what it takes to master to work in the area, right?

To be a game developer, you need to be very detailed oriented and interested in doing a very thorough job, since any mistake in typing the code can compromise the game's performance or cause rework and delay the project.

The most used programming languages in the games area are the following ones: TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Java, Go, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, so if you want to stand out in this area you must know at least one of them very well.

In addition to the technical part, the game developer also must be able to work in groups, since he/she needs to work in collaboration with many other professionals.

A game developer career requires robust programming knowledge. Therefore, you need to study and dedicate yourself a lot.

Nowadays, there are already some universities/colleges that offer graduation in digital games, and that are focused on creation, development, and testing of games of the most diverse types, in addition to also covering project management.

Another options for those who want to join this gamer world are the Computer Science and Engineering courses. In addition, it is possible to find many other complementary courses, which will contribute to your journey of learning about the technical part.


A game developer should be concerned with performing the following tasks:

- Design, develop and finalize a code in a programming language;

- Review the developed code to make sure there are no bugs and ensure its quality;

- Resolve technical issues that may arise during the game development process;

- Collaborate with all teams involved in the project;

- Collaborate with designers and creative artists;

- Be able to meet all deadlines;


The game developer is responsible for creating games. They are the ones who program and test the games that can be developed or adapted for the most diverse platforms that exist today.

A game can take several years to develop, going through several stages throughout the whole process, from the creation and design of the game itself and the way it will be played, passing through the animation of characters and objects, creation of audio and content, translation and localization, testing, production, and editing.

Game programming is something that can be quite challenging. The gaming market is booming and the speed at which new technologies and gaming platforms are being developed is truly impressive. For this reason, there is an increasing demand for professionals who specialize in this area.

With the high demand in the market, one thing is certain: it is worth investing in this area, as there will certainly be no shortage of jobs for those who become professionals.

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