JavaScript – Is it Worth Studying?

(7 minutes of reading time) JavaScript, the most popular language on the internet, is used on all types of websites, from social media like Facebook and Twitter, to e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. It's also the programming language that powers many of Google's products. Do you want more reasons to learn this language?

JavaScript – Is it Worth Studying?

(7 minutes of reading time)

JavaScript is a programming language that has been used by developers to create interactive web pages, mobile apps, and simple video games. This is the only programming language that runs on all browsers, in addition to powering many of today's most popular sites, such as Facebook, Google Maps and YouTube.

The technology present in the development through JavaScript is incredible and from it comes all its importance, especially for professionals in software development and programming. Its functionality involves a series of processes, such as:

- Build interactive websites;
- Create animations;
- Develop mobile applications;
- Create video games;
- Perform calculations on datasets.

The importance of the JavaScript language to the programmer can be explained by the fact that it has made web development more accessible to developers of all skill levels, as well as allowing developers to create powerful interactive applications with less code than other languages.

JavaScript is also responsible for allowing programmers to create more responsive mobile apps more intuitively while improving the quality of the product delivered to the customer.

In this article, you will understand more about the importance of JavaScript for every programmer and what are the main foundations of this language. Also, check out a little bit about the future of JavaScript in the software development process.


With JavaScript you can implement complex items on a web page, for example display content that updates over time, interactive maps or animated 2D/3D graphics, etc. For that, it works very well with HTML and CSS, as you can see in the picture below.
Here's a summary of how JavaScript, HTML, and CSS work together:

- HTML is the markup language we use to structure and give meaning to our web content. For example, defining paragraphs, headings, tables of contents, or inserting images and videos on the page.

- CSS is a style rules language that we use to style our HTML content. For example, setting background colors and fonts, and positioning our content in multiple columns.

- JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animated images, and everything else interesting. Okay, not everything, but it's wonderful what you can accomplish with a few lines of JavaScript code.


JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It has been around for nearly three decades and has evolved to become a powerful language used in web development, server-side programming, and even mobile applications.

In addition, it is one of the easiest languages to learn, due to its similarity to other languages such as C++ or Java. Its language is based on objects that use prototype-focused inheritance.

Its syntax is very similar to C++ and Java, but with fewer options for data types. It is also designed to handle all types of data exchange on the web, including text, images, audio files and so on, which makes it very flexible and versatile.


JavaScript is evolving at a very fast pace. The future of JavaScript is bright with new frameworks. Also, there are many jobs that require JavaScript knowledge, such as front-end and back-end developer.

Learning JavaScript will allow you to use different frameworks that will make you more marketable in the job market.

The future of JavaScript in the development industry depends on the future of the web and how it evolves and what new technologies will emerge in the next few years. Even so, today, there is no doubt that knowing how to code in JavaScript is essential for web developers and companies that need to create interactive websites.


Learning JavaScript is a great way to start your programming journey. It's beginner-friendly, easy to learn, and has a wide variety of use cases. That's why we've made it clear that JavaScript knowledge is a great way to start as a developer.

It is the most popular language on the internet and is used on all types of websites, from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, to e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. It's also the programming language that powers many of Google's products, including Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, Google Maps, and more.

JavaScript has evolved over time too. The latest version is much easier to use than previous versions because it has features that are more familiar to developers who have experience with other programming languages. It also includes new features that make it easier for developers to work on large projects with many files at once.

Learning JavaScript can help you get a job as a developer or even get promoted at your current company. If you want to take your skills to the next level, learning JavaScript can be very rewarding due to its popularity and demand in the market today.


In recent years JavaScript has become an even more important part of web development as HTML5 has been introduced as a standard for building mobile apps.

Also, there are many different frameworks that can be used to make JavaScript easier to use and more efficient for programmers. There are also several online tutorials where beginners can learn to code in JavaScript.

Because of its high important in the industry and the successful cases of many global brands, JavaScript has become a very popular programming language and, thus, one of the most requested in job interviews, giving more weight to the resume of those who have knowledge in this field. The answer to the question? Yes, it's worth it!


There are websites that are specialized in JavaScript jobs and articles, such as Stack Overflow Jobs,, and

Today, many companies have been looking for candidates with knowledge in JavaScript as it can help them to build more interactive websites and applications.

Innovative companies have job openings specifically for developers with knowledge in JavaScript because they know how valuable it is to the success of their companies.

Therefore, a professional with knowledge in JavaScript will have a more outstanding curriculum in the job market, being an essential skill for anyone looking for a job in the programming area, because it is one of the most popular languages today.

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