Career in IT

(5 minutes of reading time) Author: Carla Catelan (Thoughtworks) When we look at the evolution of recruiting processes, what a company expects from a candidate or even the length of time people stays in companies, it is surprising how fast the trend is changing in this area

Career in IT

Author: Carla Catelan

(5 minutes of reading time)

When we look at the evolution of recruiting processes, what a company expects from a candidate or even the length of time people stays in companies, it is surprising how fast the trend is changing in this area.

Obviously, some industries, such as technology nowadays, accelerate changes and become transforming agents in the market, others stay in the background and end up being more conservative.

What is most effective will depend on the culture of each company and the industry in which it operates, but more broadly, companies are realizing that the candidate's experience in the selection process is perhaps one of the most important ways to leverage the employer branding. 

Today, we have access to portals with information on experience in the selection process, salary, benefits, etc. Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing recruitment and job sites in the world. Overall, these sites have an ever-growing database of millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, reviews and interview questions, benefits reviews, office photos, and more. Therefore, companies with low reputations can hardly achieve high levels of attractiveness.

But what does this have to do with career? I explain:

Not long ago, applicants with multiple degrees and a large list of extracurricular courses stood out against those who didn't have as much "proof of their qualifications." But the question that has always remained is: is theoretical knowledge enough to guarantee a good professional qualification?

The answer is no. These requirements no longer count as they used to. Today, companies that lead the market trend and that have a good area of recruitment and selection more aligned with the business needs, have changed their way of acting and realized that cultural alignment and the candidate's potential to learn new technologies and different types of work are worth more than the traditional 5 pages resume.

The interviews that used to be carried out with questions already well known to the candidates (and which could be rehearsed at home) no longer have space. Modern selection processes rely on competency-based interviews, where applicants talk about their past experiences and the recruiting person assesses whether that behavior is in line with the type of service that the person will develop in their new role if they are hired.

Internal development programs have been increasingly necessary so that job candidates can refresh their knowledge or even migrate from their area of activity according to their own interests or needs of the company.

Companies have also opted for shared selection process, where several people actively participate in the interviews to eliminate unconscious biases. A broad discussion about the candidate's participation in the different lenses throughout the process eliminates a single opinion or a possible disapproval due to lack of objectivity in the evaluation of concrete attributes necessary to develop such a role.

More important than ever is the candidate's dedication to developing soft skills. Companies have increasingly sought to focus on safe environments for people to work, but candidates are expected to be able to work as a team, have good communication with different generations, know how to work with diverse people and collaborate with an inclusive environment, have emotional intelligence and resilience to change, have autonomy to develop their careers and seek to constantly gain knowledge, without depending on the company to design this journey plan. The career is individual. The company is there to support you.

When we analyze profiles of people who stand out within a group where several others have the same function, it is clear to understand that people who can make their deliveries with on time commitment and quality, who have a holistic view of their deliveries and who are not confined to their individual interests alone, but plan deliveries with what is best for the company. The feeling and attitudes of the "owner" make the person understand that he/she is an essential part of the company's success. This behavior is easily identified in people who excel in their deliveries.

The market has felt the need to look at professions of the future while at the same time managing to evolve the increase in the representation of diverse people in its staff. As such, it has become increasingly common to see accelerated training programs where companies pay scholarships to large institutions and then offer hiring positions to the best student people. This is a great opportunity for people who want to make a career transition or who want to get back into the job market.

More broadly, the profile of the candidates has dictated the focus of the companies and the investments to be made. These transformations in the labor market have been strengthening in the last 3-4 years and we will certainly have another curve of changes soon. We need to be prepared not to get lost in these metamorphoses.

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Author: Carla Catelan, is Head of Recruitment at Thoughtworks Brasil. She has been working for more than 17 years in areas related to people in technology companies. Her biggest experiences were in Recruitment and Selection, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Business Partner (LinkedIn)

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