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(7 minutes of reading) Gone are the days when a programmer should only know how to program. Today, the programmer is expected to be much more than a “full Stack” and to have knowledge that goes far beyond the code. In this knowledge we include soft skills. Do you know what this is?

Most Important Soft Skills for Programming Professionals

(7 minutes of reading)

It is already a cliché here on the blog to start our texts by saying that the technology market is on the rise and is growing more and more every day. On the other hand, it is interesting to say that the profile of the programmer is also changing over the years.

Gone are the days when a programmer should only know how to program. Today, the programmer is expected to be much more than a “full stack” and to have knowledge that goes far beyond the code.

In this knowledge we include soft skills. And it is about these characteristics that we will talk about in our text today. Come read!


Soft skills is a term used to define behavioral skills and the way professionals deal with others and with themselves in different situations. These competencies are subjective and difficult to assess.

Soft skills are important in anyone's professional and personal life and in any area of work.

In the IT area this is not different. Today, big companies are already looking for devs who know much more than coding. It is imperative that programmers know how to communicate, be organized, have empathy and flexibility.

Now follows a list of the main soft skills that a programmer should have.


Communication is one of the most important skills in our lives. It is mandatory that a programmer knows how to communicate clearly, concisely, and directly.
It is important for a dev to be detailed and didactic both in speaking and writing. Always question whether the other party is receiving the message correctly.
For a programmer, in addition to communicating well, it is very important that your comments in the code are as accurate as possible to avoid bugs.
As a programmer, remember that most of the time, you are communicating with people who understand nothing about programming, that is, communication is essential for the success of your project. Don't be afraid to expose yourself.


The programmer no longer works alone as it used to. Today, it is impossible to do a project alone, a programmer must know how to work well in a team. Working well with others around you, sharing tasks, sharing ideas, is what makes the work environment more pleasant and more productive.

For teamwork to work, you need to be attentive to others, be helpful and understand when you need help.


The customer didn't like the code you wrote. Don't take criticism personally. Remember, you need to adapt to the reality of the project and client and not the other way around.

Adaptability and flexibility are skills that are in great demand today to operate in a dynamic market marked by uncertainty. You need to be open to new ideas and concepts, and you need to be able to stay motivated to act assertively in the face of the unexpected.


Emotional intelligence for a programmer is paramount, since a developer's life is very stressful, and they must know how to deal with pressure and problems that are difficult to solve all the time.

For this, you need to work on self-knowledge, self-confidence, control of negative emotions and have a lot of resilience.


A great programmer must be organized, not only with deadlines and work deliveries, but also with writing the code, its documentation, and its work as a whole.

With all the certainty in the world, a more organized programmer is a more efficient programmer.


One of the programmer's biggest challenges is solving problems. So, if you don't like this great challenge, perhaps the programming area is not for you.

To be able to solve problems a little more easily, you need to have an open mind, active listening, be observant and have critical thinking.


You must be thinking, why creativity for programmer? Is it not enough to follow procedures and rules to program? Often yes, but again, the IT area is growing and evolving faster, and faster and new technologies are emerging, so we don't have formulas for all problems. At this moment, creativity helps a lot to stand out in this market so full of opportunities.


The programmer's biggest nightmare has a name: BUG. And when they appear, the dev's greatest desire is to abandon everything and give up. And that's where great programmers excel, they don't give up. They are resilient and work hard until they find a solution to the problem.

That is, persistence is undoubtedly one of the most important soft skills for anyone who aspires to be a successful programmer.


We know how difficult it is to spend hours, days or even weeks working on a code and in the end the customer asks to change it. Remember the code is not yours. No matter how much work was done, the customer has the right to choose how he wants his product.

Most of the time, the criticism is not of you, but of the result of your work. Accepting constructive criticism will make you grow, improve, and improve more and more.


Time management does not mean neither spending nights coding to deliver a project on time nor spending days looking for the perfect solution to a problem.

Time management is knowing how to manage your time and goals well to achieve a good level of productivity. Being able to balance the tasks and obligations of personal and professional life even in periods of high demand for work.


It's no use writing the best code of your life if it's not what your client asked for.

A programmer must have constant meetings with his clients and stop to listen to what they really want. Be very patient and a good listener, this will save you a lot of effort and time.

Here were some of the main qualities sought, nowadays, by companies in a programmer.

These are not easy characteristics to develop, but it is certainly worth the effort to improve each one of them and become an increasingly complete professional.

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